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Fritz, Thomas and Benedikt Kersting – Pigeon quality is the key to success ...

Impact Community Fritz, Thomas and Benedikt Kersting from the Sauerland Attendorn include at least since last year's top-strokes in the German pigeon racing. A more than excellent trip 2016 was the Olympic participation in Brussels crowned in January 2017!

kersting all three

Fritz, Thomas and Benedikt Kersting ...


The Olympic Bird 333 called „Chef 333“, showed already what exceptional achievements he is very early capable. Already as a yearling in Travel 2015 which provided "Boss 333" his skills. On his first adult, regional airline he flew the 2nd prize in the Regional Association against 7,619 pigeons and secured the title of "Best-year-old bird" of the regional association group on regional flights.

The pale AS Bird gained numerous titles in his short career and, despite his young age, already one of the highlights of the Super-Star candidates of DBA 2017 in Dortmund.

Here is an excerpt of the most important title of "boss 333" in 2016:

• Olympian sports class Cat. B medium range in Brussels in 2017
• Super-Star candidate for the DBA 2017
• 3. AS-bird of the Association BRD 2016
• 3. Bester westfälischer Vogel 2016
• 1 AS-bird in Regional Association 405
• 1. Vanrobaeys Superstar 2016 (males)
• 1. Best Bird in RV and FG
• 1. Best Bird RG flights in 2016
plus 14 rates on 14 flights with 1,184 AS pts.

kersting DV6559-14-333 chef

The BOSS 333 – 14 x set / 14 Price 1184.10 AS pts., 2-2-3-3-5-7… Price

In 2010, much should change ...

More or less by chance the Attendorner breeders learned to known breeders Bernd Haas know. In addition to first-class pigeons and some came to brieftaubensportlichem know-how to the Kersting Beats. The quality of the Haas-pigeons has for years been impressive German champions beat Tino Bergemann, The quasi "branch blow" of Bernd Haas, demonstrated.

In 2013 pigeons came from Hubert and Jens Borker as well as Hartmut Will added that provided immediately for a further performance boost. Here we find the best bloodlines Günter PrangeWhose pigeons constantly come up like no other national AS-pigeons and 1st prize flier. These pigeons, in conjunction with the Haas-doves and pigeons from Klaus Steinbrink, Marco Mattis and Max Danzer the basis for the current exception successes.

The father of the Olympic Bird's "Boss 333" is the "790" of Hubert and Jens Borker Lingen. He is from the tribe couple „Totila x Halla”. This couple deserves known masses called "miracle breeding pair" and rightly so.

kersting 790 father chef

“790 – the Fahle” – Father Olympic Bird and 3. AS Bird BRD

kersting 790 father chef lineage Children flying inter alia .:
2. reg.gegen7.619 Tb. 400km
3. reg. against 6121 Tb. 400km
7. reg. gegen4.615 Tb. 300km
3. reg. against 5629 pigeons 500 km 99.89 AS pts.
3. reg. against 4467 pigeons 400 km 99,90 AS pts.
6. reg. around 1745 pigeons 600 km 99.14 AS pts.

That Haas Bitch "2118"is the mother of the Olympic coach "Chef 333". She comes from the 505, a son of the "Blue Movie", who has a full brother of the famous "Real King" to his father. The wonder "Real King" x "Blue Queen" was bought jointly by Karlheinz Wagner and Bernd Haas during the total sales of Kees van Koppen. The "Blue Movie" was paired here with the mother of the famous "Ferrari 1", the old Grondelaers blood. The mother of the "2118" comes from a son of the wonder "Real King x Blue Queen" with a Koopman female. She is thus a full sister of the "Bernie 1789", which with 4 different females at Tino Bergemann 4 regional victor against an average of more than 15,000 pigeons.

kersting DV0645-10-2118 native chef

mother Olympic Bird and 3. AS-Vogel BRD

kersting 00645-10-2118 native chef lineage

Hanging by a thread ...

Any exception pigeon has their own stories. So the Olympic Bird "Chef333". Thomas Kersting says: "As a youngster he was startled at his very first free flight in the afternoon. He missed the only youngster in the evening. But fate was kind and he came the next morning and immediately went into the blow.

We thought: So a grenade must stay away just with the first free flight.

the 333 thereafter was never again overnight. In a 2.5-hour bankruptcy on the maiden trip, he came in the evening just before it became pitch dark.“


A perfect couple for older ...

As a yearling bird "Chef333" came on the first flights are not so good."Thomas begins his narrative. "As we travel total widowhood, it was found that he during the season helped himself to another female. This Bitch "283" came on the first flights also not so good. She flew no price until 6 flight. When, however, the two had found there was no stopping them both. The "283" flew 6 prices of the past seven flights.

The "Boss 333" shone from there by absolute top prizes in the regional association.

After the trip, we can pair the pigeons free. Of course, both stayed together -also 2016th”

In 2016, then both flew 14 prices of 14 flights.

The dream couple "boss x boss" was born!

kersting DV6559-14-283 boss

The BOSS 283W – 14 x set / 14 Price 989.53 AS pts., 1. Best female of the RV Volmetal 2016, 14 AS-females RegV 2016


Method and more

The Kersting total widowhood, practiced since 2010, which partly the females stay with the old birds at home. "We go with about 30 widowers and 30 females at the start"Thomas Kersting explains the composition of the touring team. "The trip birds usually sit during the day in the aviary and night in their cells and are trained twice a day for an hour at the house. The hens sit all day in a designated shelf of the company. Hermes, they leave only to feed and free-flight ".

Before the flights, the pigeons are trained 5-6 times privately and thereafter participated in the RV Vorflügen. Between flights no private training more done for reasons of time usually. "When Doves feed well at home that is no longer required but also from our point of view. "Adds Benedict. It is here in Attendorn much emphasis on a high quality feed that very energetic fails for South-East direction. It has opted for the two market leaders Vanrobaeys and Beyers decided. Mixtures thereof are mixed depending on the flight course and supplemented by seeds, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. is for drinking water disinfection Avidress plus of Röhnfried used. Overall, applies to the provision: "Less is more!”

The pigeons are vaccinated against paratyphoid, paramyxovirus and smallpox. Have the pigeons get from the vet with negative results, they go ideally without the use of drugs at the start. It must be the goal of keeping possible without medication the pigeons the complete travel year fit.

"We put too much emphasis on the young animal travel. The youngsters are darkened and go so with full plumage at the start. The youngsters take on as many flights in part with large pigeon numbers so that they learn at an early age, the release from the flock! It is the motto here: "Practice makes perfect, who wants to become a master."

The key to success ...

"From the many breeders talks and accumulated experience is clear:

First and foremost the pigeons Quality is the key to success.

With a good blow air and a consistent supply system, the foundations are laid for successful pigeon racing. For all these things, of course, the Breeder responsible and decisive of how successful he can make the pigeon sport for themselves. " so the SG Kersting summarizes their success together easily.

pigeon market auction 2017_4

PS: At the auction "EUROPEAN SUPER STARS 2017" on October 28, 2017 in Kassel are two children and two siblings, including a full sibling of CHEF333 in Auction Bid.


Thomas, Benedict and Fritz Kersting
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